Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ball Pen with Wi-Fi Detector

THE Ball Pen with Wi-Fi (wifi) Detector. Whenever or wherever you are the "Ball Pen with a build-in Wi-Fi Detector" is very useful device in terms of detecting the strength of Wi-Fi signal, and not to mention it is so convenient to carry around.

Either you're using your laptop or your mobile phone to browse the net, the Ball Pen with Wi-Fi (wifi) detector will definitely helps you to locate and choose the best spot to get access to the internet in a few seconds. This ball pen with Wi-Fi is also easy to operate, just by looking at the 4 Light Emitting Diodes commonly known as LED's (from 0 to 4) you can indicates the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

And about the price, the Ballpen with Wi-Fi detector only cost you $13.99.

[usbfever] via [slipperybrick]

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