Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Salt and Pepper Cell Shakers

THE Salt and Pepper Cell Shakers, created by the Turkey based design company, Antrepo Design Industry. The Salt and Pepper Cell shakers has an exact likeness of a D-sized battery, a shakers for your kitchen's salt and pepper. Available in Red/Turquoise and Black/white colors.

Salt and Pepper cell shakers are creative products that recharge power to your dining table and give taste on your food, but you can't use on your flash light.

The Antrepo Design Industry also looking for a partner company for their production process, for interested parties you can contact them at their website @ antrepo4

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  1. I like to packaging :) and it looks great

  2. ei sir Dex, glad you came by!
    Yeah, it's so creative... you can also tell if it's lowbatt(no pepper nor salt inside) by looking on the side(indicator) of it. :)


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