Friday, April 13, 2012

WHILL: Add-on That Transform Manual WheelChairs into Electric Vehicles

A team of young tech-savvy Japanese created a cool add-on that turns any manual wheelchair into an electric one. The WHILL is an attachment that converts any traditional wheelchairs into a power chairs without buying a new an expensive electric-powered wheel chairs.

The design of WHILL looks like a giant headphone that resembled the one that is famous in the market today, hi-tech, stylish and easy-to-use attachment. Their website says that any wheel chair that has a WHILL can run off at 20 kilometers per hour. The wheelchair add-on has been developed to encourage wheelchair users to go outdoors.

And hopefully, the WHILL for wheelchairs will hit the market soon.

The WHILL Team with the wheel chair add-on.

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