Thursday, June 14, 2012

914 Meters (3000 ft) Green Energy Downdraft Towers

As the world needs clean air to breath and an alternative source of green energy that will produced gigawatts of electricity to supply the fast-growing population, Clean Wind Energy, Inc. (CWET) is leading the pack. The said energy company is planning to build 2 gigantic Downdraft Energy Towers, a 914 meters
(3000 ft) green 'chimney' towers to produce 1,100 to 1,500 megawatt hour of electricity.

The idea of the Energy Towers is not new. In 1975, Dr. Phillip Carlson patented the downdraft Energy Tower, and expanded by Professor Dan Zaslavsky and Dr. Rami Guetta of Technion - Israel Institue of Technology. The green renewable energy downdraft tower is a structure that will generate clean power through the use of wind turbines and solar heated air.

When become operational, the 1.5 Gigawatts that produce by the green renewable energy downdraft tower will be available for sale to the power grid.

An overview of Energy Towers, Powers and Waters by Prof. Dan Zaslavsky.

As selected by Clean Wind Energy, Inc., the 2 Downdraft Energy Towers will be located in San Luis, Arizona, near US-Mexico border.

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