Sunday, July 19, 2009

Google-GO Smart Phone Concept by Tryi Yeh

The Google-GO Smart Phone Concept by Tryi Yeh, a Taiwanese born Industrial Designer. The GO Smart Phone is so cool and slick, it has a glossy touch screen and a curvy sliding body.

The camera is hidden and located at the back and only shows if you slide the other side which is the microphone and speakers are located.

The GO Smart Phone supports various apps, and it functions like the i-phone. It's an experimental ergonomic phone and has four customized smart keys for web browsing and sending emails.

This phone also has a touched screen media player hooked up interface that when you plug it into the charger an image on the dock appears, so you can either watch the Go Smart Phone like watching on a TV or use the phone as the remote control.

Also features on the back of the Google-Go Smart Phone are 3 flashing lights, if the green light is flashing, it means the cell is fully charged, flashing red means lowbatt and white means somebody is on the line.

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