Friday, August 7, 2009

3D Stainless Steel Printing by Shapeways

3D Stainless Steel Printing by Shapeways, a 3D fabrication services based in The Netherlands, who used a certain technique called '3D Printing', where they had mastered the kind of technique and had proven as a high-quality technique for production.

Not just Shapeways print your 3D design on stainless steel and bronze, they can also print on metal or on any other material as long as you follow their given specifications, especially if you wanted your 3D design to be printed on metal.

So, if you have any design idea that floated on your mind for a longer period of time and wanted to see and hold the said idea in real life, then start to convert your idea into 3D design (you can always ask some 3D designers to do it for you). And upload your 3D design on Shapeways website and wait for more than a week or two to made it printed and deliver it on your doorstep.

More awesome 3D models and prints. [Shapeways]
You can also see the video of 3D printing in 4 simple steps here.

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