Saturday, July 31, 2010

A.N.T. | UN's Futuristic Transporter of Necessities and Medical Supplies

The Aid Necessities Transporter also known as the ANT, a futuristic transporter for necessities and medical supplies was designed by Industrial Designer Bryan Lee of Melbourne, Australia.

Lee, a product of Monash University designed the futuristic looking transport to help the UN and other international aid organizations to safely transport food, water, medicine, medical equipment and the housing necessities to disaster affected areas without hassle and delay.

With six monster wheels and suspension, the A.N.T. / Aid Necessities Transporter can travel faster and with ease on any type of terrain with the aid supplies that 10 to 50 times more than its own weight carried at the back. Though carried less from the conventional supply trucks, the futuristic transporter can travel and deploy efficiently, not to mentioned that loading and unloading the supplies with ease.

The ANT has two transport modes, the rapid mode and the transport mode.
Rapid mode
In this mode, the vehicle will be travelling at great speeds back to headquarters to load up a supply unit. With its head rotated down, it centres the gravity on the vehicle, allowing it to be more safe, efficient and agile. Having large wheels and unique all terrain suspension this mode allows the vehicle the ability to travel anywhere. In addition, the function and mentality of the vehicle in rapid mode is also shown through its aesthetics. It is seen to give the feeling of speed and all terrain. 
Transport mode
In this mode, the vehicle will be travelling into the disaster affected area carrying much needed supplies. Travelling in groups, these vehicles will efficiently journey through hazardous and rough terrain. Although in this mode, the vehicle may not be able to travel as fast as its other mode due to the weight, it is still able to utilize its all terrain capabilities and hence quickly arrive at its destination. Having the headpiece rotated up, its aesthetics are totally changed from its other mode. The vehicle looks more authoritative, grounded and safe, giving the impression that it is on a mission.
 Moreover, the unit it also functions as an immediate housing for medical shelters, distribution points or as temporary shelter for affected people. And since the Aid Necessities Transporter will be traveling in groups, each ANT also serves as an accommodation for each driver.

See the video to learn more about the UN's future transporter, the A.N.T.


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