Monday, August 9, 2010

GT2 Electric Golf Trolley by Stowamatic

The new GT2 Electric Golf Trolley, made by Stowamatic, a well-known company famous for its high-quality electric trolleys and high-end fitness and leisure products.

The Stowamatic GT2 electric golf trolley was build like its predecessor, the Stowamatic GT, the award-winning and once considered one of the most popular electric trolleys in the market for its unique style and remarkable functions.

The GT2 added new features such as the Stomawamatic Control Panel that allows the user to proceed a certain distance at a certain speed before stopping. An LED Control Display and a powerful upgraded 27 hole 12v 28AH sealed lead-acid battery that can be recharge ranging from 8 to 10 hours and weight just 11.8kg makes the transportation lighter and easier.

Aside from its detachable 'Sport' real wheels, the Stowamatic GT2 Electric Golf Trolley's chassis are made of improved aluminium, not only strong, reliable and performs better it also easy to fold down and assemble.

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