Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bus Creative Design : 3D Express Coach

The dragon has finally awake. And even surpassed Japan as the 2nd world largest economy next only to the US. Yes, China is into the future, not only on creating concept design for their next wave of transportation to solve the country's massive traffic problem but also aiming to become green.

Here comes the 3D Express Coach, a gigantic bus that looks similar to a subway or light-train train bestriding the road and let those smaller cars, lower than 2 meters to pass underneath those huge buses creating like a tunnel. The three-dimensional fast bus was design by China's Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment Co., Ltd.

Powered by electricity and solar energy, the 3D Express Coach bus can speed up to 60 km/h carrying more than thousand of commuters without causing heavy traffic by blocking other vehicles' way. The three-dimensional fast bus using only 860 tons of fuel per year, this could reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2,640 tons. (video after the jump)

Embedded by a radar scanning systems, the 'tunnels' walls warns cars from getting close to the bus wheels, meanwhile the front and rear of the 3D fast bus will emit an ultrasonic waves to warn trucks and oversize vehicles from entering and getting close to the bus.

The passengers of the 3D Express Coach will board the buses at large above-ground loading stations and enter the bus through an internal staircase that leads to the sliding-door ceiling. And for emergency exits the walls are collapsible and turned to slides for immediate evacuations.

The construction of the first 186 km of track for the 3D Express Coach will begin in Beijing's Mentougou District before the year 2010 ends, according the news website.

For more info about the bus creative design and video translations, visit chinahush
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  1. This is what we need here in RP...

  2. Yap! And I hope that some government officials (MMDA/Min. of Trans) saw this posting and learn about China's 3D Express Coach Bus.

    btw, thanks for droppin'by. =)


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